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So, what do you get from a passionate photographer who’s also a highly skilled nurse and a seasoned traveler? Well, for starters you know that you can be yourself around me. Your comfort and ease are priority one for me. I’ll make you feel safe and relaxed so your truest self can come through in the photos.

My job is not just photographing the beautiful moments and details you have poured your soul into, but I’m also there to help you with logistics, problem solving, relaxation, bringing you a cocktail, or Advil if you need it (and are not allergic).

My commitment to helping people is not just a duty, it’s a part of who I am. I am always asking myself “what am I doing for others?” I work hard to give you an experience that’s unforgettable. I don’t just make meaningful photos, I make connections. You’ll even get to know my husband, the best assistant/sherpa you’ll ever meet. He’s a table-mover, food-runner, decorator and neuroscientist (and mother-in-laws love him!)

And then, to top it all off,  you get photos that tell a story of real humans, cutting straight through to the heart, with the power to awaken and transform.

Let's get to know each other!

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